Mora culture

Flatgebouw_Badhuisweg_Den_Haag_001According to Brown (2007), “Culture is a way of life. It is the context within which we exist, think, feel, and relate to others. It is the ‘glue’ that binds a group of people together”. Nevertheless, we can’t reduce the study of culture to public representations of this way of life, in other words, we can’t reduce it to holidays, celebrations, “exotic” curiosities and “fun facts”.
To define culture is difficult. This definition of Brown uses ‘group of people’ as a part of the definition. It is unclear what a group of people is. (I hope we are able to define a group of people sharing a culture without the notion of shared culture:}- )


Brown, H. D.2007. Principles of language learning and teaching. White Plains: Pearson Longman.

photo : wikimedia


tweetscultureA twitter conversation on the subject of memes made me think about culture.
Most simple things at once become very complicated when we watch better.
Culture is not a simple subject. And when we look at it better it will be more complicated.
“Culture” is a highly abstract word used as if everyone knows what it means. But the concept of Culture has a lot of very different definitions. I will try to think about the notion culture.

In the little village where I live we share a culture, we share some knowledge, some habits, we have a language in common. We could say we share the culture of our village. (Some are in the center of that village culture and some are on the edge of that culture)
But in my village do live people from very different cultures.
You could share a culture with a group of people and you could at the same moment belong to a different culture.

#hashtag en tag

tagsingrafitiA Tag is a label attached to information (and more). A tag is the name of the artist who made a grafitti painting . We do use labels and tags to improve finding bits of information.
Tags are used to get an overview in a text.
Hashtags (a tag with a preceding hash sign #) are used on Twitter, and they have the same function as tags. They are intended to threading. Hashtags are also used in coding.tweet

This twitter message has two hashtags, #ds106 and #umwds10614. These hashtags are intended to add the message to two streams of messages. The #ds106 hashtag is intended to add this twitter message to all other messages in the #ds106 stream. People could search (in twitter) this hashtag and find all messages with this hashtag.


Make a gif in gimp

How to make a .gif? (open some pictures as layer in gimp, export them to .gif format and activate the option “animated”. )
Open the image in gimp.
Activate the dock of gimp (a screen with tools) with cmd b or ctrl b, if the dock is not visible.
Choose the free select tool (lasso) or another select tool
gimp1Now you are going to change the picture a bit and save the new image.
Select the parts you want to make moving in the gif (surround these parts and close the line by clicking in the dot)
and copy these parts
Paste the parts and (this will be an extra layer)
Move these pasted parts a bit
(press m to make the pasted bit, the layer, movable if needed)
In Layer choose an option to include the layer into the picture. (merge down)Save every changed image.
Name and number the saved images. Like image1; image2 etc.
(the gif will use the numbers )
Now you can make a gif:
Open your pictures as layers in gimp.

Export as gif  (give the image a name with extension .gif. In order to make Gimp know you want to export as gif. )
Activate the option “animation “
Experiment and try all options.

You want to improve this how to and add your comments.
You are encouraged to copy this  how to and to improve it and publish it. (I would like to receive a comment if you do reuse and improve my how to.)


Yahoo and Flickr

When Yahoo buys Flickr

In 2005 Flickr announced users were to use Yahoo accounts.

flickryahooIIUsers are annoyed. (Who, how many of them? Did Flickr loose users?)

Could we go for another Photo-sharing website?
Is Yahoo a monster and a capitalist villain?

What is the role and status of Flickr users? Are we customers, users, members of a website, owners of the website? We are no paying customers, no clients. Yahoo sells advertising.  This is an interesting new sociological question.
Without users Flickr would be nothing. What would happen if we left Flickr?

Could we leave Flckr? What alternative is out there for Flickr? Wikipedia has a list of photo sharing websites.




About ds106

happy birthday dear BenDs106 staat voor digital storytelling 106. Het cijfer 106 verwijst naar de traditionele nummering van vakken en cursussen in Amerikaanse hogescholen en universiteiten.
In een blog schrijft Mariana Funes over haar ervaringen in ds106 en over de achtergronden van de kursus.Ik volg de kursus door het zo nu en dan maken van de dailycreate. De dailycreate is een bron van dagelijkse kreatieve uitdagingen.

DS106 means digital storytelling course 106. In her blog Mariana Funes writes about her life in ds106 and about background ideas and principles, she is a psychologist.  I do some parts of the course, the dailycreate. The dailycreate is a source of daily challenge to be creative.

Sinds kort retweet ik vertaalde dailycreate challenges in het Nederlands. Ik ben benieuwd of iemand de stap neemt om eens te kijken of te proberen. In mijn blog op Kennisnet heb ik een korte poging gedaan om meer bekendheid te geven aan ds106.  Maar Alan Levine (@cogdog) schrijft: you won’t “convince” someone to do ds106, what we try and do is say, ‘come on in, let’s step in together’

For some time I do retweet translated tweets with the dailycreate to my (mostly Dutch) twitter public. I am curious if anybody of them will try ds106. But Alan Levine (@cogdog) schrijft: you won’t “convince” someone to do ds106, what we try and do is say, ‘come on in, let’s step in together’

(image is made by Anna Cow, the ds106 bovine arts assistant)