informal learning

Most technical new gadgets we learn to use without formal training. Why do we need to formally train / learn some teachers to use IT in classes? Is it because they say: I don’t know how to use this IT, and this is a code for: “I don’t want this new stuff”.

Learning starts on what you already know. Teachers must not ignore what students already know. They, teachers must connect to what students already know. Students are in control of texts and content these days, they can connect to experts in the field themselves without help of the teacher.

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I agree on adults being more conscious on their goals for learning (sometimes) than little children. Maybe it is not a duality, a yes or no difference, but a gradual one. I remember little girls all day trying to stand on her hands, I think we can call these girls conscious on their goals.
is the difference we discus formal/informal learning?
regards Jaap


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