Connectivism and assessment

Jenny MacnessConnected writes a text on connectivism and school. I agree with her, connectivism and school do not fit, because school is an assessment industry. If you want an assessment you need a school, thats is the primary product of a school, a diploma or certificate.
But, most learning I did without need for an assessment. I learned to play my clarinet, to use a hammer, to build a new room, to maintain my motorbike without a school. I needed people with knowledge or skills to tell me howto. I even learned to edit html in wordpress with help of people somewhere who published answers to my questions
I guess this assessment-directedness of schools is an obstacle for learning. Students do perform at a low at schools in order to get a diploma with not too much effort.
picture: Jenny Mackness

” I got an email from my teacher, after I asked him to have a look at our discussion. He concurs with my explanation and added that when they evaluate they don’t set a certain level that we as students must achieve. Instead they look at the evolution we have made during the course. In terms of objectivity, they don’t compare student results, but evaluate every student separately.Hope to have provided sufficient information! “, Lars Was in a comment on What’s the evidence? #CCK11

On Suifaijohnmak’s Weblog is a part of the discussion on assessment in connectivism.


2 thoughts on “Connectivism and assessment

  1. I agree with your comments on learning various skills using ‘connections’ within your network. I learned how to be a parent by developing a network of others who already had the know how and asking many questions.
    Kim – Kim’s thinking

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