Social skills and connectivism

I saw a video of George Siemens ‘Quick Overview’.
Connectivism does focus on knowledge shared in a (social) network. A network is a collection of people, and people interact in a social way.

social network
social network

We use our shared knowledge in order to solve complicated problems and to perform complicated tasks, like building a computer network. “The ties between people matter – that means that strong or weak ties with connections amongst people in the networks do affect the sort of learning of individuals and the networks. source: Suifaijohnmak’s Weblog
So social skills are part of connectivistic IQ, without social skills one cannot perform in a social and knowledge network.
Amplification is a central concept of connectivism. “learning, knowledge and understanding [can be amplified] through the extension of a personal network” Siemens 2005)\
If this amplification will occur, one must enter and extend his network purposeful, one should ask questions, be willing to learn, have curiosity.


2 thoughts on “Social skills and connectivism

  1. I like the notion of ‘connectivist IQ’ here and I think this is certainly an important consideration. It makes me think about access to technology and, of course, the ability to use this effectively: digital literacy in networked perspective.

    Is connectivism still a theory for the relatively well-off, I wonder? Connectivist IQ appears to require net/mobile/PC access + the skills to traverse the networks and connect with others. Does this not assume a certain level of resourcing that is still unavailable to many?

  2. I agree on your comment about availability of information.
    In history poverty and access to information always are diverging, the more poverty the less access to information. I guess not having access is a cause and a consequence of poverty. Education is a means of distribution of information and a weapon against poverty.

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