About central focus in CCK11

Reply to is-there-anybody-out-there/:
I agree on the discussion being not central. But a discussion with that many people as in this CCK11 course  will never be central.
I copy comments I make and comments I like to my blog.
And I choose options as: notify me of follow up comments.
I did even become a ‘member’ of some interesting blogs.
There is a daily newspaper on twitter, and a daily email newsletter from CCK11.
On Tweetdeck I use a filter for cck11.
On Facebook some people are connecting in a group CCK11.

A network often does not have a central point. (some do),

Maybe this is a more central argument in a discussion on connectivism.
One of the things you want to learn is looking for the right nodes to connect with. The right nodes are those that do have questions or information you like. This filtering and choosing nodes is a process I do not yet know.

The learner is his own central point in a network. The learner has to learn to cooperate with this network and maintain connections. The network will not be there out in the world without the help of the learner. It is like friends, if you dont care you will loose them.

So Care is a key term in connective learning,


2 thoughts on “About central focus in CCK11

  1. Agreed… but although the network may not have a central point, perhaps the course should, as a way to facilitate/ scaffold/ support the learning? I think my argument is that there is a danger that we get so wrapped up in the idea that everything is ‘decentralised’ and dispersed, that we forget that there are some some advantages, some clear pedagogic benefits to more centralised approaches that we can, and should hold on to!

  2. OK,
    I agree, a small group can be very nice and a teacher can make learning easier.
    But you want a cental point, you could choose one point and make it your central point. Invite or link people to that central point and there is your part of the network. Some blogs could be central points.
    a learning network like cck11 is now, is too big to have a central point. It is not practical, some people sleep when we are awake.

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