Information network(s) and Social network(s)

This is a network, an information network. Green parts are in my head, blue parts are outside in the world. The nodes are bits of information.  Ties exist between information in my head and information outside.  This is (I think) why learning and thinking are a function of the network.

Of course the I-network is greater than the drawing.

The information network (s) are intertwined in a social network. To be a part of an information network is being part of a social network, but the Information network is not the Social network.

Keith Hamon: “But if we reduce learning to that internal shift in mental states, then we overlook the interplay between the individual and the environment that is so necessary for that shift to occur. While I can certainly sharpen my internal skills to learn better, it’s the interplay between me and my environment that makes the learning possible. Perhaps this is what George means when he says that the “pipe is more important than the content of the pipe?” The pipes, or dynamic connections, between the individual and her environment (people, things, information, organizations) are the keys to learning. Perhaps a better metaphor than pipe would be synapse. Pipes are rather rigid.
I’m working on this concept of complexity on my blog.”

(source: comment on

A social network.

This is a picture of a social network. made with Linkedin.

You see different colors, each color is another group of my linkedin contacts.


2 thoughts on “Information network(s) and Social network(s)

  1. Muito bom! relacionamntos nos fornecem informações, está aí posto até Pre- referências, resistências a mudanças, as conexões internas e as externas.
    (Very good! relacionamntos provide us with information, there is set up to Pre-references, resistance to change, the internal connections and external.)

  2. Social “NET” is more than social network. We can establish links and connections for many reasons, work is just one of them.Thinking about it, people are the key to the formation of good social relations. All other networks are subsets.

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