My mindmap on connectivism

Made a mindmap to show what is in this blog. A mindmap of a blog (it has links to posts in the blog) is kind of index, and it can make clear what the content of the blog is.

The mindmap is on a server of IHMC Cmap Tools and I will change the mindmap in the proces of writing of this blog.


I distinguish four fields: philosophical (yellow), network (red), tools (Green) and utilization (black).

The links to the websites and sources are little squares.

It would be possible to cooperate on a cmap.

The mindmap is a focal point for this blog. After writing a post on this blog, I try to find a place on the mindmap to link the post. Often that inspires me to write more on the post  to make it clear how the content of the post is related to connectivism.


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