Looking for criticism

Kim’s thinking: Enough enemies in my learning network?

Nobody should be a member of one and only one network. People from one network do have another opinion than people in the other networks you are a member of.  This culture of agreement in your network is the backbone of institutions and groups. In an institution or a factory people don’t criticize without secret intentions (not even in the Netherlands), if you want criticism go outside your institution (ask a consultant or a coach) and ask opinions and facts. You will be surprised.

If you publish with open access, that might help getting feedback from outside your network. A network is open and changing,

This post is about complexity and diversity, which are two characteristics of connectivism.

” Mira pointed out the recognition of authority on a topic relates to traditional learning as much as it does in a  networked learning environment.” It is not always possible to recognize the authority  of a  source.  Check always the information. Check it in the original source if you can.

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