George Lakoff on framing #cck11

According to Lakoff: Reason is not unconscious, not disembodied, the brain is structured to run a body.
You can’t be rational without emotion and passion.
Reason does not fit the world but uses the structure of the  brain to see the world.
Cultural narratives influence our impressions of the world around us.
A frame has elements and scenario’s and boundary’s (Jeffrey Feldman)
Every word is related to a frame. And a frame is not only reason and rational.
Metaphors are physical in the  brain, metaphors are physical connections.
Framing is normal so tell people what framing is.
Reason is not rational, not free of passion, that is why framing is important, because we try to think rational inside frames.
Concepts are not neutral.
Question of Lindsay Jordan: “Frames which seem pretty much the same thing as ‘context’ – am I right?”
Context is a term from a rational thinking and understanding language. Context is a means to think about words in a rational way. Frames do have a physical, neural source.   Reframing is a neuro-linguistic method where a situation or context is seen in another frame.  (source )
More on framing on this blog of Howard Johnson.

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