Presentations and scholars

I did do presentations. Most presentations are about selling a product or selling an idea, promoting a website. And yes it works, I got a job because of me giving a presentation. I know giving presentations is part of getting a job when doing a Ph.D. because in that way  people know who you are and that you are available on the market. Most presentations are a means to preach, and preaching is not part of an academic discussion. Most presentations are boring.

Is it a  joke when Martin Weller gives a presentation to tell me presentations are outdated?

How to become a digital expert? If you are an expert and you do find a solution to a problem, publish. Publish on a forum or a blog. Some day when I want a solution to my problem, I will do a search and find your solution. Thank you. Now you are a digital expert. Maybe you are an expert on a piece of software, or on  flax trade in the Middle Ages, or on teaching. You are autonomous, connected, your solution adds to complexity, and the solution is open for access.

You notice I do not use the word scholar. That is because I don’t know what a scholar is. (If you do know do write a Wikipedia article about it).  And I don’t know where scholarship fits into a connectivist story about learning and teaching.

Weller has a post on Scholarship that explains the word, it describes a certain quality of faculty members.

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