Tweets #cck11 about socially constructed patterns

Tweet: my point is our understanding is socially constructed. Connections may exist that we cannot see #cck11

We have cultural biased eyesight and our previous experiences make us blind to certain patterns. The connections we made make a clear view impossible. we are looking through colored windows. We frame our perceptions in a wrong and distorted frame.

Learning to connect information can be a road to misunderstanding and false beliefs. Cultural bias is learned. But we always can learn to adopt a more ‘realistic’ way of seeing things. A struggle for a better view and a more educated view is necessary. we need people who tell us we do not see it right. Not-our-kind-of-people can teach us better sight.

O que você quer dizer com a última frase deste blog?”Cada aluno tece o seu tecido, com os seus padrões diferentes. Validar é necessário, dar valor também.”  Tereza Elisabeth, “Cabe aí validar a individualidade de cada aluno e dar valor à diversidade, pois a aula poderá ser mais criativa.” We need to value diversity and uniqueness of every student.

2 thoughts on “Tweets #cck11 about socially constructed patterns

  1. esta sua frase “A struggle for a better view and a more educated view is necessary”cai muito bem quando ao que escrevi em meu blog 🙂 poderíamos fazer um link!!!!

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