Cmap about connectivism updated #cck11

cmap februari cck11
cmap februari cck11

Link to this Cmap with working links.

Update of Cmap of CCK11 course. The Cmap is an image of the structure of my view on the course. All links connect to posts in this blog. New links to new posts were added, but no new nodes were added. I wonder why this is?
Cmap and other mindmapping tools show structures of information and knowledge.
This Cmap shows connections between posts of my blog. The connections are information about the information in the posts, meta-information.

Damo published his concept map on connectivism.


One thought on “Cmap about connectivism updated #cck11

  1. G’day Jaap,

    I agree that our cmaps do have many common features, although yours looks far more integrated and developed than mine. 🙂

    I like how you have tied your thoughts together through your cmap, and then into further detail through your blog.

    Perhaps your node “Complexity/Diversity” is a synonym to my “context” node.


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