Presentation software and thinking

Prof. Tufte did explain the way powerpoint of MS is connected to a way of thinking.
Now my question is: “What is the right app for presenting in a connectivist way. A presentation to foster connections and connected learning.
We disussed this question on Facebook .
Linn Gustavsson: “I am right now exploring the tool embedplus where you can add own comments to, and at the same time show an interactive twitter discussion around a youtubeclip…

Judith Egger: In my understanding a powerpoint presentation cannot be “connectiv” in itself. It is an object and can be used in different contexts – connectiv or not.Another presentation software that has become quite popular lately is Prezi But the same principle applies: its a tool that can be used in a connectiv setting but is not in itself “connectiv”.
PPT is not a neutral way of presenting. In PPT some preconditions and beliefs about thinking, presenting and bureaucracy are connected with format and technics.
Prezi is a different form of presenting, with different build in ideas about presenting.
I can agree on Lin, making students make connections by letting them add content and comments is a good way of connective teaching. And Judith has a good point in saying that the app for presenting is less important than the way its embedded in a lesson and a course.
Most presentations are like this: One person is working and the audience is just sitting. In my opinion connectivist presentations must be different, in that both audience and presenter are working while sharing information. And presenting is a granfalloon way of doing things. But Now we have to find the way information is shared in a karass.

2 thoughts on “Presentation software and thinking

  1. I don’t know, if all presentations should be interactive – I really enjoy well made presentations, someone who takes me on a journey, presents a convincing argument, tells me a story, entertains me – that is great, I think. And I do learn that way…
    If you are further interested in presentations, I can recommend the following blog:

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