My PLE Personal Learning Environment #cck11

What is a PLN ?

For #cck11 I use this blog, facebook group cck11, twitter #cck11, Cmaps, Delicious, and some email connections to warn me when someone does make a comment or a new post. This of course is only the digital part of the PLN.  F2F connections are not listed.

So the network are all those people connected to these apps using the #cck11 tag. Some names are familiar, some names are new. Some people do share ideas or fields of interest with me.

In Dutch school a PLN is not a buzzword. Dutch schools are in a move towards more predefined  course,  structures called ‘leerlijnen”  [learning lines], programs to teach subjects. In my opinion these highly structured prescriptions for teaching are not compatible with a PLN. Why form a PLM if your teacher knows what you must learn? And when the goal is not to become better, but to follow the path.

(on this: read blog of Edblogras, :”Our school system is designed for formal learning, for students to sit at their desks, fill-in-the-blanks, answer multiple choice questions, and occasionally do fun and interesting science projects”.)

Comment from Lars Was: “My biggest complain is the curriculum. I would love to get rid of the whole thing! Just imagine what you could do when there are no formal guidelines to follow!” (more on his blog)

8 thoughts on “My PLE Personal Learning Environment #cck11

  1. I appreciate the elegant concision and clarity of your description. The blog post, PLN Blueprint in 5 Parts, is another PLN description I like, possibly my favorite of all the descriptions I have waded through. It reminded me that not all networks for learning are electronic ~ and then (with a start) that I constructed my first one long ago, decades before ever hearing the term.

  2. Vanessa
    Thanks for reading PLN Blueprint. PLN’s are more than digital connections in specific apps. It is a network of F2F and/or virtual connections of people with similar interests, so that those interests may be discussed and ideas exchanged, content created and all may be communicated to others. Because of its collaborative nature, it is often a social exchange as well.

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