Training, exercising, learning, connecting (#cck11)

'part of "God bless the Child'
'part of "God bless the Child'

Learning to understand a text, exercising to play music, understanding Connectivism, and other types of learning are all alike in making connections.

Exercising to play ‘God bless the Child’ is trying to play the notes in the right order, with the right expression. Connecting notes to music. Connecting fingers and head. Connecting sheet music and head. Connecting brain cells, muscles, ears, memory, and instrument.

I start reading the music, play to hear the rhythm. Then play and exercise, training my fingers. Training is making connections stronger. One moment I know the piece and can play the piece in public, but I have to play and replay it in order to maintain connections. Training is not only for pigeons.

As this is a solo piece I listen to a recording by Eric Dolphy on Youtube and ask my teacher to listen to me. I want to hear their comments, but I want to play it my way, not the way Eric Dolphy did, so I play and listen and choose and interpret . I am connected to Eric and my teacher and to their interpretation of the piece. Here is a weak tie, a connection with a different network. The main network is me, the music and my bass. The other networks are other people involved in ‘God bless the Child’ and people involved in playing music.

(By the way, interesting question, where are the boundaries of a network when it is tied to other networks?)

In a band the conductor and members of the band will influence my way of playing a piece, because we are connected when we all play together.

(God bless the child. recorded by Eric Dolphy 1961, transcribed by Roger Jannota)

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