Information not in a head #cck11

One of the features of Connectivism is the information outside the person. Some find this difficult.

Here In Europe we have a long tradition of storing learned information outside the brain. Of course elsewhere clever humans did the same tric. Here in my room I do use old and new methods of enlarging the network of information. When I studies, the library was a holy place with books. The information network was not great and not very friendly. When I wanted to read a book I had to ask a librarian to fetch it. Now my network is greater and I do seldom  need to ask for somebody’s help.  Now I have access to large encyclopedia’s like Wikipedia, vocabularies, help forums, almost direct access to colleagues on social media, newspapers, and manuals.




One thought on “Information not in a head #cck11

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    Anas Eljamal I like the concept… two things first (1) you must include “love” with success… (2) learning and connecting is the same thing… right? I will comment further later! 😉
    2 uur geleden · Vind ik leuk
    Vanessa Vaile imagining the book title (movie to follow shortly)…

    Eat, Learn, Connect

    Now, about the casting…
    2 uur geleden via · Vind ik leuk
    Anas Eljamal ‎@Vanessa: The book title should be: Eat, Connect, Love,… connection is learning, why double it?… besides isn’t praying part of connection? … lol
    ongeveer een uur geleden · Vind ik leuk

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