Hidden sources in a network #cck11 video

In a network, you are not connected to all nodes. you are connected to a part of the network. Through these connections, you’re connected to the rest of the network.
If  “far away”in the network information is shared it could eventually reach you via your direct connections.
Along the way information may change.

In een netwerk ben je niet verbonden met alle nodes. je bent verbonden met een deel van het netwerk. Via deze verbindingen ben je verbonden met de rest van het netwerk.
Als er “ver weg” in het netwerk informatie wordt gedeeld dan kan dat op den duur via jouw  directe verbindingen jou bereiken. Onderweg kan de informatie veranderen.

reply on comments in http://leahgrrl.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/cck11-network-anonymity/

One thought on “Hidden sources in a network #cck11 video

  1. Very cool illustration of the concepts; I like its non-static nature!

    It got me to wondering whether there is a difference between far-away nodes and hidden nodes. For instance, if I’m a teacher, then a far-away node that has real repercussions for me is the state legislature that requires me to teach X, Y, and Z so that the students can be tested. I have a vague sense they’re there, and the decisions they reach travel to affect me.

    But perhaps there is another, hidden node that affects me without me really sensing its presence or being able to track back to its physical/technological location? When I get book recommendations from the Amazon system, where else is that information being lodged, analyzed, and deployed in a way that affects me? Is it talking to my grocery-shoppers’ loyalty card and providing me a coupon on *this* cookie and not *that* one? More worringly, has someone hacked into my credit card information, altered the Amazon prices I see, and forced me to pay a bit more for a product to supplement his nefarious plot??

    Now I sound like a conspiracy theorist. 🙂 Let me pack my bags and head to a wooded compound (oh, wait, I already live in the woods).

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