New career for teacher #cck11

A course for a new digital learning environment was the beginning of my new career as coordinator ICT at the college. The learning environment has never been introduced and the school has been without a digital learning environment for years. The system that eventually was introduced  technically and organisationally was very complex. Most departments have therefore not used it. A closed system to enable students to learn and to create a portfolio did not rule on the education system. Students were in business internships. Work in the learning environment froom outside was too complicated. Knowledge from instructors from businesses was not incorporated in the learning environment.   Working with a closed system was too complicated and contrived. Working directly on the internet and create a portfolio was much simpler.

The closed learning environment was a solution for problems of the teachers and the management, it was not a solution to problems of students.

A closed learning management system is very expensive. It is a beautiful way of a manufacturer to a school for years to bind. The manufacturer can exclusively deliver to the school and needs not be afraid of competitors. (Same with some digital boards)

For part of my PLN:


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