My PLE Personal learning Environment #cck11

My school is the world. Everything I encounter has something to learn from. Of course I have internet access, and I know many people. and I learn from them. And I learn from books and newspapers and observations. My archive is filled with lessons and examples, lists and facts.I’m curious because I ask questions and so I learn.It is a challenge to learn new skills. Mostly I learn by trial and error.

Mijn school is de wereld Alles wat ik tegenkom is iets om van te leren. Natuurlijk heb ik toegang tot internet, en ik ken allerlei mensen. en ik leer van ze. En ik leer van boeken en kranten en observaties. mijn archief is gevuld met lessen en voorbeelden, lijsten en wetenswaardigheden. Omdat ik nieuwsgierig ben stel ik vragen en daardoor leer ik. Het is een uitdaging om nieuwe vaardigheden te leren. Meestal leer ik door trial and error.

I am an editor  a website for teachers part of a national website for teachers Kennisnet. To be able to publish on this website I need a vast network of information resources. Most resources are on internet, some are paper, books and magazines. Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin are resources of information and a platform to draw attention to the website. Colleague editors do inform me and I do inform colleagues on possible resources for publication.
Congresses and other meeting places are necessary to renew F2F contacts and to draw attention to my work, and to find information for my public.

“Nothing but an underlying foundation of human connection is really going to serve us in a culture where information is being generated so quickly. If you don’t deliver your information grounded in that connection, you eventually won’t be listened to.” (leahgrrl)

Anything could be part of a learning environment. Always listen and always watch out for news. You only know the learning network in hindsight.


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