What do our students need? #cck11

Christine Vaufrey What if students do not have time to “faire soi-même” , do it self?  How to connect when time is scarce?

It is not the school that makes the curriculum and the timetable. Students want their diploma. School wants most students to get a result. The teacher has to solve this problem, being creative. Stephen Downes wrote an article about this role of the teacher

lúcidaTranslúcida How to connect to ideas and information when you do not have the right words for it? l What do students need to connect?

The teacher could use and activate the knowledge in the group. The teacher could connect students. This is done by Lindsay Jordan, she uses concept maps to connect students to their own knowledge and the knowledge of their fellow students.

Doing this, the teacher fosters the autonomy of the student And students learn the method of connecting their knowledge. First question in class: “What do we already know about the subject”.


By adding links of blogs in my own blog a pingback is send to the mentioned blogs.

Pingback is a method for web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents.
For example, Alice writes an interesting article on her blog. I read this article and comments about it, linking back to Alice’s original post. Using pingback, My software can automatically notify Alice that her post has been linked to, and Alice’s software can then include this information on her site.

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