PLE and certification #cck11

Abdullah SAYKILI has a question 2: Considering people get their certificates or diplomas from institutionalized education systems, how do we manage assessment and evaluation when we follow a PLE perspective of learning and teaching?

In schools for vocational education people of all ages follow courses and receive certificates.

One kind of certificate is called ” Eerder Verworven Competenties” (EVC) (= Earlier Acquired  Competences , accreditation of prior learning (APL). The certificate is given on proof of acquired skills and knowledge. The students has to prove experience and study. Reports of formers jobs, lists of tasks, papers on experiences, and an interview are parts of the proof. The school does the proof and gives certificates.

These EVC’s are part of the final assessment for a diploma.



One thought on “PLE and certification #cck11

  1. I like the vocational school approach. It seems the purpose is to foster learning and success. “School” is almost adverserial like a troll blocking the bridge until you can either answer 3 absurd questions unrelated to your life but deemed clever by the troll or simply not cross.

    I much prefer the apprenticeship model.

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