Ten connective commandments #cck11

Famous sayings

I think it Funny that  Stephen Downes mentions 10 (ten) rules you need to learn next year. He is in good company, Moses offered ten rules too. I want to be in the company of these wise people and add my rules, my learning plan for the future.
1. How to predict consequences. Think about your plans. Discuss plans, because other people might know better.
2.Learn to listen better and watch better. Pay attention to what is important. Others can make you see and hear because you’re blind or deaf. Everyone has blind spots.
3. How to distinguish truth from fiction. Learn to deal with uncertainty. Learn to ask questions. Enjoy learning the truth of other people, but be suspicious of answers. Do not trust authority.
4. How to empathize. do not let your prejudices get in the way of connecting.
5. How to be creative. Connect with your own values. Do not bother with what you think others think.
6. How to communicate clearly. Maintain with care your connections.
7. How to Learn. Be your own teacher, and ask other people to share their wisdom.
8. How to stay healthy. Let not be made crazy.  (= Laat je niet gek maken)
9. How to value yourself. Enjoy your pride. You are your best friend.
10. How to live meaningfully. Enjoy, share your joy and sorrow.


7 thoughts on “Ten connective commandments #cck11

  1. Number 4 speaks most to me. You really do have to just leave prejudices aside and know that every single person out there has something that they can teach you. It may be something small that enlightens or expands on something you already have some knowledge about, or it may be something you have never experienced before. Opening our hearts opens our minds.

  2. I like most all of them but especially #7 & #8 (today at least, tomorrow might be different). I’d qaulify #1, make it more tentative, try to predict, refer to #8 (don’t make yourself crazy when predicting doesn’t work or data is insufficient)

  3. I agree with Tracy, I think #4 is a foundation for learning. If I can’t empathize, how can we connect? Even in a traditional setting, if I can’t empathize with a student, how can I create a space where learning can happen?

  4. This is quite interesting. I see rules 1-7 as something one should learn in College or University (“College” in the American sense). University is as much about content as being self-sufficient with your own learning and being able to distinguish truth from lies. I guess this is a topic for another conversation, but with Universities going toward the route of Credentialization as opposed to Education, I can see why Stephen included those first 7 rules

  5. I love rule 8 too! Now if only I had the time to practice my tae kwon do. I loved it before I went to college, and the life intervened 🙂

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