Focus #CCK11 “I don’t know the way, so I never get lost”

According to George Siemens Focus is an important step in doing a MOOC. (George You stated focus is an important aspect of a MOOC to you personal, I doubt if it is that important to me. In this post I want to look more into focus)

Well let’s focus on Focus.  Focus, or Attention, is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. At the neural network level, it is thought that processes like lateral inhibition mediate the process of competitive selection.In order to solve a problem or  “… Our group members all passed the exam (yay!) and we’ve got our diplomas. …”

In psychotherapy-related disciples, the term focusing is used to refer to the simple matter of holding a kind of open, non-judging attention to something which is directly experienced but is not yet in words. Focusing can be used to become clear on what one feels or wants. (Eugene Gendlin)

Did you ever focus on an aspect of the environment and because of your focussing got an accident? You looked at something or somebody and you did not see the danger that was coming?  Do not focus too much, keep an eye on the environment.
And while focussing, do not forget what is important in life,  like family or people. “… “Today is the day to talk, to reach out with open arms, to show our love, to say we are sorry, to forgive, to connect, or reconnect. Please, let’s do it before it is too late….”

Question, how does one focus in a network, Networks are a kind of group, but they are distinct in that they are defined by diversity. How does a Filipino BBQ fit into Focus? To me, the switch from the you-will-come-to-my-BBQ-and-eat-what-I-tell-you of traditional education needs to become the oh-wow-all-your-contributions-were-such-a-pleasant-surprise-and-look-how-we-enjoyed-sharing-them-and-learning-from-each-other of connectivism.

Focus needs something. It needs a field, what will you focus on, and what will be your lens? If you use a tele lens you will see very little. If you use a fish eye lens you will see everything

And what will I focus on? I guess for me the process of MOOC-ing is more important than the product. And when enjoying a process, do not focus to narrow. Try to keep an open eye for the unexpected. (serendipity)

Playing with a form and Focus:

What constitutes understanding Focus depends on your relationship to it. Discussions of Focus will seldom make reference to mental states or mental contents of the discussants. Instead, discussion will focus on the concept itself, its implications, applications, limitations, and so on.
An account on the premise that focus is a relationship with a part of the environment rather than something in the head of an individual  for instance, could be expected to reveal quite a bit about the extent and accuracy of the speaker’s understanding of Focus


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