New Learning Theory. #cck11

Part of my job is to find new and inspiring content on the web about teaching.
That is why I use a lot of different search engines. Google and Yahoo are different, others are different too.
And my collection of search words is my secret weapon. The list of search words has been written while we (a team of editors) were talking about goals of my job, publish content for teachers.
These structured and orderend ways of learning and discovering I use to call the farmers way.

The best websites I do find in quite another way. It is called “looking sideways”. Serendipity , just wandering and looking sideways. This way of discovery I like to call the hunters way.

Well here is the theory, some humans are hunter-learners. Hunter-learners try to master a skill, walking on two legs or riding a bike, and go ahead to learn something very different, like making a tower or painting with the new  paintbox. Jack of all trades, master of none. (the variation in positive or negative value in different languages is striking)
Some humans are farmer learners, they like to stick to a subject. It is like a horses-girl or a football-boy.  Or this absent-minded professor only aware of his own subject and neglecting the rest of the world.

The farmer wants structure and safety, he likes the known routes. He wants to know the curriculum and asks “What do we have to learn?”

The hunter likes adventure and surprise. He wants to know “What do you want us to do today?” He will only learn the things the subjects he likes.

Some question for research would be:

  1. Does a connection exist with the difference in learning of boys and girls?
  2. Will a farmer learner be a better citizen than a hunter learner? Will there be differences in other aspects of life?
  3. Is the farmer/hunter dichotomy a real one, does it split humans in clear and different groups? Is it one scale with two ends?
  4. Does the connectivist learning theory fit the hunter better than the farmer?



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