Short post on #mobimooc #mlearning

” … But life goes on and this course is directly relevant to my day job, so I’ll just jump in and see what happens! … [after thought: I’ve always been a bit unsure about the use of terms like e-Learning and m-Learning and whether there is anything distinctively different about them from just plain old learning. …”  (Phil Marston )

My opinion is they are all kinds of learning, but I prefer the mobile forms. Colleges and presentations make me sleepy or wanting to leave the room.

“… You see, I already engage in mlearning every day. I just didn’t know I was doing it! I use my mobile phone to talk, to send & receive messages, and to take photos which I sometimes use in class. I use my i-Pod Touch to access the internet via wi-fi, to manage my contacts and my diary, to keep notes, and to listen to podcasts and share them with my students. I use my laptop to do everything else, including to write my blog. All of these things, I now understand, are mlearning! …” (World Teacher ). First  step in the course will be learning the language of mlearning. My way of learning the language is diving into it and use it.

In researching which phone to purchase (ie. asking everybody I know, who has a mobile phone, what they like about their phone) I was surprised to find that there is an ‘in-balance’ of information, if this is the right way to express it. (KIM’s Thinking). Second step in the course will be analyzing known information and remaining questions.

One of next steps is thinking about a mlearning project and the boundaries of it.

And somewhere in my mind some little voice is saying a new mobile device is needed for this course, isn’t it?



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