Project critical thinking and mlearning. #mobiMOOC

First thoughts on a project on critical thinking. (The man in the painting is Spinoza)

I want to think about the possibility of learning how to think critically. (the link to wikipedia, read the different languages-wikipedia articles and learn all sorts of definitions of critical thinking. I have to sort that out) May be teaching this subject will be part of this project.  In one of my posts on this blog I did discuss thinking as a main educational goal.

Process-oriented instructional orientations “have long been more successful than conventional instruction in fostering effective movement from concrete to formal reasoning. Such programs emphasize students’ active involvement in learning and cooperative work with other students and de-emphasize lectures…” (

online lessons:

What is critical thinking?

  • recognize prejudices and subjectivity
  • distinguish between main and side issues
  • distinguish relevant and irrelevant information
  • apply reasonable criteria for assessing information
  • consider alternate views
  • willing to change minds based on evidence and arguments
  • question allegations conclusions definitions and evidence
  • perceive contradictions
  • gather information about an issue before to come to a view

Stephen’s (Downes) statement: “To teach is to model and to demonstrate, to learn is to practice and to reflect”. (Lars Was)

This project is not about knowledge but on skills, so it is not about information delivered to the student, but it is about skills the student is growing.


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