Definitions sharpen the mind #mobiMOOC #cck11

“… The acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught while being free to move between different locations … ”  writes Jennifer Parker in her blog. She filtered out the devices and technology from the definition of O’Malley et al, 2003 (see Jennifers blog) .

As a connectivist (CCK11) I do not like the words “acquisition of knowledge”, I like to that to be “connecting to information”.

That definition  does not leave much of mobile learning.  I don’t care, for the time being.  I will try to avoid  this discussion on definition.  I want to know how it works first.

In Dutch is something called ‘didactiek’ it is ‘the art of teaching and methods and technics’. ‘Didactiek’ is not the same as didactic method.  In Dutch learning with a mobile phone would be considered a chapter in ‘didactiek’, just like learning with a book, with a overhead projector. a blackboard.

In ‘didactiek’ definitions are not important.

One thought on “Definitions sharpen the mind #mobiMOOC #cck11

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