Planning mobimooc project

1. Define Your Objectives

  • Why do you want a mobile learning project? I want to think about connectivism in a more down-to-earth way.
  • What unique result do you want to achieve? To write a plan in connectivist terms on mlearning.
  • How you will know when you have met your goals? When the plan is ready and ‘on paper’
  • How will you evaluate your effectiveness?

2. Define Your Audience

  • For whom is your mobile initiative intended? For teachers. A way to support their students in critical thinking.
  • What user support do you need to provide? Some help files, forum, help-video?

3. Define Your Budget

  • What do you need to get the project done? No budget, only when a institution wants to adopt the plan money will be available.
  • How are you going to fund it?
  • How long will you be able to sustain it? As long as the website is on air

4. Identify Your Instructional Strategies

  • Is it an interactive team / community network? I will use the network of Kennisnet
  • Is it a broadcast distribution framework?
  • Is it for formal learning programs or informal learning assets? Informal
  • Who is going to produce the content (e.g. is it going to depend on community or commercially produced content)? It most content will be produced by me and second wave by the teachers involved.
  • Where is the content going to reside?
  • Who is responsible for placing content in repository? —
  • What content distribution methods will be used (e.g., web delivery, copyright, registration for use, charges, etc.)? Web delivery, and possibly workshops.
  • What content management mechanisms need to be in place?
  • How will you assess learning? No formal assessment

5. Identify Your Stakeholders

  • Who are your major stakeholders? 
  • What will your stakeholders need to be successful?

6. Identify the Technology

  • Who will provide the service?
  • What kind of reception technologies will be used? free choice for participants
  • What content creation tools will be used? 
  • What network will be used for distribution?
  • What security mechanisms will you have in place?
  • What kind of user interface will you use?
  • What user support will you provide?

7. Determine Intellectual Property

  • Who is going to own the work?
  • Who owns the right to content?

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