Comment on ‘Clicker’ project and on publishing #cck11 #mobiMOOC


You did publish your project in Thank you for that. In a MOOC Massive Open Online Course, publishing and sharing is an important feature. Now we are able to read your project and learn from it. And we could comment on it. Some of the participants could have good ideas to improve your project.  In sharing our knowledge and discussing our projects we all could learn.

Now I  would like to comment your project. I tried to find your name in the mobimooc google group. I could not find you there. I tried Facebook, I did find your name in FB, but I do not know if that is you. The only way to comment on your project is to send you a personal  message through the wikispaces wiki. That is not very Open, so I will send you this as a personal message and I will publish this open letter in google groups. That is because I really think openness in a Mooc is very important.

In your clickers project Moodle is used for feedback and for quizzes. Did you consider of using Twitter or other micro blogging apps to do this? Twitter is used for this purpose in universities and schools. It is much more simple to use than Moodle for this purpose. A little HTM-script on a web page will make the posts of students visible. An example of the script is on You could copy the source of the page and change the script to your purposes.

I hope you will comment on this comment.

(The flowers grow near our village, its tulips)

regards Jaap



One thought on “Comment on ‘Clicker’ project and on publishing #cck11 #mobiMOOC

  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I did join the mobimooc google group and I also joined the mobi mooc FB group. I’ve been meaning to post something but haven’t got round to it.

    Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I did think of Twitter, but I’ve given up on it, because it happens too often that I try to tweet something and then it says: “Too many tweets”. I can’t afford that something like that happens during a lecture. And the lecturers want to keep logs. Can one do that with Twitter? but I’m going to take a look at it again and the script. I’ll try to give more detail on how the project is used. The problem is also that every lecturer I work with wants to do something different and the system should be able to handle it. I’ll post a more detailed description later today.


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