Definition of mlearning #mobimooc #cck11

In the definition:  mLearning is the ability to access educational resources, tools and materials at anytime from anywhere, using a mobile device.  is a remarkable surprise.

The definition uses access to educational resources as main component of the definition. This is very remarkable. because access to whatever sort of information is very common in learning. When I want to learn to use a new device or want to know something I do not wait till someone writes an educational resource. Any resource will help me to learn.

The consequences of this definition are tremendous. In the  Ayala text2teach project a lot of effort is made to present video to classes. Why not do effort to use internet information from all over the world? The internet is loaded with information ready to use for educational practice. Teaching is not presenting information. Teaching is guiding students to connect to information.

The training of teachers to use mobile phones and other devices to share knowledge about teaching and learning had been a better goal for a project than spreading information to classes.

The training of teachers to make students better in searching information would have been better.

My suspicion with this widespread practice of central delivery of learning materials is that it is intended to form good citizens or better patriots or more productive  workers. I suspect the central delivery of materials to be not in the first place for the sake of the students.

(image: made by student (10 y))

5 thoughts on “Definition of mlearning #mobimooc #cck11

  1. hi Jaap, I agree with you that learning happens across devices, and across spaces. The fact that in this definition (and there are a lot of definitions going around, including the mobimooc definition by O’Malley et all ) educational resources are put at the centre might have the intention you describe here. That educational resources can be found all around us.

    What I do feel is that the collaboration factor does not come out to well in this definition, where I see mobile devices as a communications channel par excellence, which makes it perfect for collaborating and as such constructing knowledge even without accessing specific resources. The creation of information and eventually knowledge is at the centre of learning to me, but it is not the only learning and if you put it into Blooms perspective it is more common for higher level learning, which is not always what one opts for when designing learning.

  2. By the definition given, m-learning is broadcasting renamed learning. Collaboration, interaction, or any form of engagement is absent from the definition. Was it a deliberate omission to leave the learner as an actor out?

    From the Universal Design for Learning site:

    “The purpose of education is not to make information accessible, but rather to teach learners how to transform accessible information into useable knowledge.”

  3. Thank you for comments, collaboration and communication are essential for learning. That is why I feel training of teachers is far more important than ‘spreading the word’.

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