ML4D #mobimooc

As teaching and writing courses always has to start in getting to know your students. that is why in my opinion sustainability is always a problem. One group of students has different needs, questions and background as the other one. (Teachers are always adapting the textbook to the group of students in front of them)
Students will have to adjust to peculiarities of a course, and they will do if the course is worth while and if the adjusting is not to
For mobile courses the sustainability is even more difficult, because  the role of the teacher changes or the teachers disappears from the  course. That is why this teacher role must be exercised by some other people, like group members or help desk.
In a mobile course extra attention must be for connecting people, making groups of students that can help each other.
Some educators say technics are not important, but failing technics will be the dead of the course. Technics is very important. In most cases the choice of technics and devices has to be free for students.
For practical reasons, students will have different technological needs and devices, and some like visuals and others audio or text.
I think it of little need to examine a ML4D  course on these  questions:
1. How important do you feel context was in designing it?  (my opinion does not matter, questions is: did it work?)
2. What was the pedagogical approach used?  (good question, better: did it work will for the students?)
3. How innovative did you find it? (innovative is not a critical point in learning, innovative is not equal to quality)
4. Do you think the project is sustainable? Why/Why not? (read above)
5. What are the main benefits/criticisms? (I do not know, students of  the course will tell you)

What questions would heve been better (for me)

  • In Ayala the Television was replaced by mobile phone. Why was this shift?. 
  • Nokia is involved, why do we need a phone-seller in education? Is this a benefit or a producer close in?
  • Why is the growth of the amount of schools reached by Ayala presented in this not clear way. Is it a means of hiding slow growth? 







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