Augmented reality en leren (augmented learning) #mobimooc

augmented software (wikitude –,
layar –,
hoppala –,
juniao –
Kennisnet over AR en onderwijs
rapport over augmented reality:
Surf “wat kan met augmented learning?

Boeken en augmented reality:

Kimpel, Kora & his students (2010). Das Buch neu denken. From
Fermoso, Jose (2008). Make Books ‘Pop’ With New Augmented Reality
Tech. Retrieved from
Livescribe, Inc. (2011). Livescribe Web Site. Retrieved from
Livescribe. (2010). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved


One thought on “Augmented reality en leren (augmented learning) #mobimooc

  1. I think that mobile learning wil really start to take of. Almost every student on the MBO in holland has a smartphone – so there is a great potential!

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