Mobile learning. #change11 Some preliminary thinking.

Did not see or hear the future wednesday discussion yet on “Unleashing the potential of mobile learning through SMS for open and distance learners. and other papers” Zoraini Wati Abas
Did read:
“… Content is easily duplicated and has no value. What is valuable, however, is that which can’t be duplicated without additional input costs: personal feedback and assessment, contextualized and personalized navigation through complex topics, encouragement, questioning by a faculty member to promote deeper thinking, and a context and infrastructure of learning. Basically: human input costs make education valuable. We can’t duplicate personal interaction without spending more money. We can scale content, but we can’t scale encouragement. We can improve lecturing through peer teaching, but we can’t scale the timely interventions and nudges by faculty that influence deeper learning. …” George Siemens)

What is learning? Is it getting to know a lot of facts and content?
It is getting to know when you are learning a language, or when you are learning the language of a profession, the medical language, or chemist language.
But the most important learning is in getting able, its is about ability to do complicated jobs. I doubt if SMS will be an easy tool for improving ability in students. Is it different from the first university way of learning: sermons?

Of course we have to keep in mind the things we must really learn at school from Stephen Downes when we discuss SMS-learning. Reading this list by SMS would be possible.


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