Just a first question about learning #change11

What is learning?
Is learning transfer of knowledge? Is learning to know the most important part of learning?
Is knowledge enough?
Learning is to be able to use knowledge, to apply knowledge. Skills are more important than knowledge.
That is why teachers are needed.
Because knowledge is easy, look at a book (that is called reading) or a video and try to remember. Than you acquired knowledge.
But look at a book and look again and read again, and you are not able to be a good manager. You will need somebody to help you to be a good manager. That is what learning is. You will need people around you to learn.
That is what connectivism is all about.
Baby’s do learn a lot. And most things they learn are skills. (do baby’s have knowledge if they have no words and do not talk?).


2 thoughts on “Just a first question about learning #change11

  1. Hello – Saw your post in #change11 and clicked to find your blog. You make a great point. I think that is why in classic instructional design, objectives should be specific and measurable. So, don’t train someone to “know” the concepts of good presentation skills, but rather, be able to DO x, y, or Z. I am a corporate training designer, so maybe skills training and actionable objectives are key, versus knowledge for the sake of knowledge or philosophy, etc. I dunno – all good stuff. But ultimately I need to effectively teach employees certain actions that help the company reach a goal.Good thing the world’s great football teams are also focused on actionable results!

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