Facilitator, invitation to join the MOOC and play with us

Do facilitators just give a lecture and disappear from change/Mooc? Do facilitators shoot and run away from the game?
Most facilitators do talk a lot. Time for questions out of the audience often is too short.
If facilitators could enter the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, change.mooc.ca and answer questions, reply to blogs about their presentation and their subject, would that not be very nice? The facilitator playing the game for a while, not only shoot and run.

Give facilitators an invitation to join the MOOC for a while.


8 thoughts on “Facilitator, invitation to join the MOOC and play with us

  1. Hi – we are hoping that facilitators will stay and comment on blog posts. I will create a short video today to share with facilitators on how we are hoping that they will engage with course participants…Thanks for raising this important point!!

  2. I saw a few places where people posed questions, raised issues or needed clarifications. However, there may be other blogs or postings that I missed. My apologies. Perhaps we can find a better way of seeing postings that invite the “speaker’s” response. The change FB is good. Also the threaded discussions in the MOOC course page.

  3. Hi Jaap, good point. Thank you also Zoraini for commenting here and there, I’ve noticed and I’m sure others have. The decentralised nature of the MOOC is something that should be preserved, so I resist the temptation to suggest that there should be a central location where all of interaction with the facilitators happens.

    By virtue of posting this invitation Jaap you have elicited a response, what more could you ask for, and on your own turf too!

    I’m working on the group response in the wiki today, so I’ll be sure to incorporate your questions from the previous post, and others that have appeared elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Any one else who wants to contribute to the Change 11 eBook wiki is more than welcome. We need as much help as we can get with 35 weeks of content to curate.

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