Emotions in a MOOC #change11

George Siemens posts a little video How to track conversations in #change11: http://t.co/DrgUCxLy (3 min video).

This message is an example of the importance of emotion in a MOOC. George says (but does not use the words) curiosity and commitment and involvement in your own subjects are important in a MOOC. Writing a blog is not just writing, it is also getting involved in a conversation. (In the Research group a discussion is going on a MOOC being a group, a collectivity, a community. In my opinion a MOOC will be a conmunity when people do share, add comments, track subjects and people. It is the emotions, like, dislike, admiration, that make a community.

I do use Tweetdeck to follow tweets on #change11. Tweetdeck is software to read Twitter messages. Sometimes I click on a tweet and follow the link, or look at the profile of the sender of the message.
On my browser is a number of links in Symbaloo to a group of MOOC’ers with interesting blogs.
In Facebook I try to post new blog-URL’s and to look for interesting subjects.

Allan Quartlywrites in Facebook: “… In the adult learning environment the teacher deals directly and only with the student. In schools, the teacher deals directly with the student but deals with parents and society as well….”
And that makes me think of the connections in schools and universities. Allan does not mention the connections between students or pupils with each other. And these connections are very important in a school or university. Without these connections learning is much more difficult.

Brainy people sometimes forget the importance of emotions in teaching and learning. A nice picture can add something emotional to a lesson.


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