Better presentations

Some remarks on life sessions.
Life sessions in a MOOC are very important to maintain a sense of community.
Life sessions are stimuli to the student to stay connected to the MOOC.
The speaker in the session will improve the quality and impact of the discussion by joining the MOOC for some time. Prepare the audience, ask for questions, give some answers. And respond to comments of the audience after the session.
The wiki is a new and powerful part of the MOOC. Here students will find facts, URL’s and remarks on the subject of the life sessions.

Teachers do answer questions their students did not ask, and that is called a lesson. We know that is not a very efficient way of learning, listening to answers to questions one did not ask. To prepare the audience of a life session make sure the students know the questions you will answer.
The speaker in a life session must try to join the MOOC in order to understand the questions and to be able to join a discussion. To join a discussion one should listen some time to the discussion before saying anything.


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