#change11 What we need is independentness

One change I want to help bring forward is teachers learning to use digital materials and software in a critical and self-confident way. I would like teachers to be independent and thinking people, taking responsibility for their education and for the education of their students.
What kinds of resources or cooperation would be required, and from whom would these come? I am working as an editor for a teachers website. The introduction of IT in education is a long lasting project, but I know the use IT in education is growing.
The critical independent teacher is very rare person.
Teachers do work in schools, they are the only people that do like school so much. They want to remain all of their life in school. School is an institution with a lot of rules, habits, structure. So independent critical self-governed people and school do not fit very well. Because managers of schools do like teachers to be adapted and they are not very fond of critical and independent teachers, they appoint the ‘normal’ kind of teachers. So here is a problem.
Why should we appoint more independent and critical teachers? Just because we need independent and critical people, asking questions, inventing new things, looking for better ways to do things.
Our schools do teach students to adapt and to behave, and in the process our children loose independentness and creativity.
Can we teach independentness (is this a word?)


3 thoughts on “#change11 What we need is independentness

  1. This is great! You have captured so much of my own experience. Many of the teachers I met along the way in the 80s and 90s were lemmings, the products of a system that rewarded their compliance and made sure they weren’t *too* critical of the status quo. They followed the curriculum and did what they were told. If they had questions or concerns, they kept them hidden in the ever-toxic environment of the staff room or quietly tried to do small innovative things off-the-radar, behind closed classroom doors. I suspect this hasn’t changed much in recent years?

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