New or renewed institutions for education? #change11

Change in education, from inside the institutions or from outside?
The only unchanging aspect of education is that education is always changing. And change will come from within and from outside, because old institutions are changing and new institutions will try to compete with the old ones.
A more interesting question is: What is essential for an educational institution?
Education is not only defined by the tools and technology but also (and I feel this is more important) by a relationship between teacher and student. In a MOOC students are looking for relations, Facebook groups, connecting to students, using Twitter.
The life sessions in a MOOC are important because of this educational relationship.
The TPACK model does help me to see the interconnectedness of technology and human relations in education.
New technology that fosters human relations in education is the key to a new life for old institutions.

more on TPACK and the diagram

6 thoughts on “New or renewed institutions for education? #change11

  1. I like the fact you talk about relations in education, they must have changed a lot over the years, don’t you think so? Not only between teachers and students, but also between students and students, teachers and administrators etc. The new technology seems to focus on relations, that should be a plus….But apart from human relationships I think that fundamental changes also need to made in old institutions…..Or not?

  2. At a glance, I can see why designing blended courses (face to face and online components) can be a challenge. I can “see” the the challenge. I’ve been somewhat disoriented in ChangeMOOC—your graphic reminds me that learning disorientation is okay. Thank you.

  3. We seem to look at educational institutions as something other than public institutions that are supposed to integrate into society. They distance themselves (or we have distanced them) from the intellectual life of the community, charge exorbitant fees for service and are now in a panic because we are developing new affordable systems to qualify each other without their help.

    Alternately, what can we expect institutions to do when we demand they hold to a public promise of sustaining the intellectual life of society when we continue to starve them for public funding and support? Then we turn angrily and declare they have failed us? All systems will seek to survive but need resources to make changes smoothly. If we just declare institutions a lost cause and abandon them do we have the resources and energy to rebuild from scratch? Do we even know what we want from our educational institutions? As you say, first order is to declare some essential roles for an educational institution in today’s world, then back that up with support and do the change in a cooperative manner.

    What would happen if we just cut universities out of the picture? I bet within a few weeks we’d have to reinvent them. Instead of having to rebuild from the outside something we already have in place, we need to work both from within and without. Maybe if we lived in a different world where change brought something better every time we could throw the whole system out. But we don’t live in that world.

    How do we return the human element to education? Maybe by changing ourselves and not just demand “they” change without sharing in some of the work ourselves.

  4. my thoughts…

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!…

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