Revise my network to be wider and more inclusive. #change11

I have a list of people and their websites to follow one of these lists is on Symbaloo. This Symbaloo list is growing and changing.
I do read weblogs of people that comment on my weblog, and sometimes select them to the list of weblogs to follow.
On twitter when I see a interesting tweet I read the blog and often comment on that blog. The comment is an invitation to the owner of the blog to “connect”.
I do use Grasshopper to graze the blogs and pick some to comment on and connect with.
Part of my blogs are answers on questions and topics I found on blogs.
Some blogs I receive email- digests. These are often blogs from people that share views and subjects.
More about How to participate in a Mooc on halfanhourblog

In a way I am sailing the world to learn, and on this journey my ship entered the Change11-archipelago. Here some subjects and questions attract my attention and we connect.
A student in a MOOC could take the course as main course or major, but some use the MOOC as a minor to reach a different destination.


7 thoughts on “Revise my network to be wider and more inclusive. #change11

  1. MOOCs can become the pleasure ships of the education industry switching to piracy when public education is eventually sold off to private interests. Teachers have always been trouble for those in power–without special favours to those IN power. Give them a MOOC and they try and tame it, give them indoctrination and they’ll sure as hell subvert the project. Building a network between these crazy people and who knows what will happen?


  2. How about using the MOOC to learn through reflecting. It’s quite thought provoking to read someone’s input/blog. Connecting, communicating and giving back is sometimes time consuming but by all means helps in the form of collaborative learning….Besides it’s actually fun and you get to bring your own toys to the sandpit ūüôā

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