#change11 #socialartist Why small things matter.

Small things matter, because I am only a small human being. I cannot at once listen to a symphony, I only hear the music of this moment, the sounds of now.
I could give attention to some qualities of the music, not to all instruments, not to all notes at once.
In learning we must think of the importance of small steps. We do not learn to play an instrument at once, but we learn to blow one note; and another one, and after some time we learn some more. And after some time we can play real music!
A Chinese saying: Do not chase for great happiness, because great happiness is very rare. It is all the little moments of little happiness that make a happy life.

Being exposed to big and long presentations with a lot of new points and bullets is like listening to a brand new symphony. Most of it you don’t hear. It is like flying a jet, too high, too fast.
Learning is like walking or like riding a bicycle, down to earth, slow, and the little things on the road are important.


12 thoughts on “#change11 #socialartist Why small things matter.

  1. Your first few words ‘ small things matter’ really caught my eye as I scanned The Daily. Next the image, paused me to stop and I was soon drawn into your thoughts. Your reflection about how long things can take is a timely reminder for new moocers, such as myself, who are grappling with an array of new concepts/thoughts/ideas all at once. It’s those small steps of learning upon which I need to focus, and trust that my seemingly disconnected, random, dischordant thoughts will one day cohere and delight me with a new symphony. Much as we have a slow cooking movement I’m thinking about ‘slow thinking’ for moocers. Really enjoyed this post.

  2. in a sense, this is what i like about MOOCs. there’s so much that i know i’ll miss most of it…but i get the little moments and they have value, even though i know that much eludes me or slips past with the rush of weeks.

  3. reminds me of gronovetters strength of weak ties- though he talked of being spread further and with more rather than that little things can be significant.

  4. Based on a comment elsewhere about something like “fluffy comments” I started wondering about our diverse perceptions about what small is and when small matters. Very interesting.

  5. In music small things matter too. The one little silence between two notes could make your emotions tremble. The sound of a triangle in a concert is important.

  6. It is foggy here, a grey cold day. I am slowing down because of the weather.
    Listening is an active verb, one hears noise but that is not listening. Listening is hearing plus attention. And attention needs time and effort. Listening improves when you close your eyes.
    I like slow music where you need to listen to every sound. Arvo Part, Spiegel I’m Spiegel is a wonderful piece of slow music. And it is difficult to take the time to listen to it carefully.

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