Homework task for students MOOC #change11

Make a list or overview or map or guide where we could find blogs, and other places on the internet related to the MOOC Change11.
Do not add all possible places or links to the map, select the places you value.

Start: Read this (or another) blog and follow the links to people that made comments.
(You will find the comments by clicking on the words (in blue) “## comment”. Above each comment you will find the name of the person that added a comment (in blue again). Click on this name and you are on another blog. You could add this blog to your map.

Add other sources related to MOOC Change11 to your map. (use search engines, twitter search, Facebook search screen, and your imagination)

Only for excellent students: add comments to sources you select. Because in that way you will leave a trace of connections to your own blog or webpage.

The idea is of Jenny Ankenbauer on Facebook. Great idea don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Homework task for students MOOC #change11

  1. Great points Jaap!

    I’ve added interesting MOOC people to the people I follow on twitter and I’ve added their blogs to my Google Reader – this way even when they post interesting things that aren’t part of #change11 I have an opportunity to read them!

  2. Excellent idea Jenny and Jaap. Might even cause me to start blogging again, just to have a place to put all the goodies found collecting stuff from blogs. I’d add that for each interesting blog found, the student could add a link from that blog to a blog or referenced site that the student really doesn’t like. That way us students are forced outside our bubble and to account for the world as it is. This idea came from the city planning philosopher Jane Jacobs in an essay she did on the power of sidewalks to bring urban neighbourhoods alive. It’s often the people you don’t like that make things most interesting.

    This, of course, has nothing to do with this blog, its readers and all the other wonderful people associated with MOOCs who are all likeable AND interesting.


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