Network and rhizome #change11

How do network and rhizome relate, in my view?
In the picture rhizome is underground, not visible for us. The rhizome connects in a hidden way the thousand things. Chinese philosophers use “1000 things” when they want to talk about the multitude of things without category or definition. Dave Cormier does not believe in facts. He thinks they are convenient short-hands. His partner Bonnie has pointed out that the Inuits don’t reify but always relate to context. So, e.g. a table is only a table according to the context in which you view it, discuss it, interpret it and so on.
The network is the connections we see and did make, by using definitions and categories. “… For Dave Cormier there is no objective – its all subjective…” (I would not use the word “subjective” but “interpretation”. A person trying to see the things behind the interpretations is not objective or subjective, but is trying to jump out of his frame of reference)

The rhizomatic view is a tool for scientists, and it is a useful tool for using and seeing information in a critical and way.
For reading on rhizome: Deleuze (it has English translation).


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