A central place #change11, lost in chaos? Or a rhizome?


This picture of a human situation shows the central place, but you cannot see it. The people are in their central place of today. The central place is where you are.
In computing and internet some people do ask for a central place, but the central place is you and your computer. A network as big as internet or as big as a MOOC does not have a real central place. People take a pole and stick it in the mud and look at it and see a central pole, a centre. But it is only the stick they planted themselves as Robinson and Pooh.
Believing the myth of a central place, makes you never see the very interesting subjects outside the centre. Choosing a central place is defining borders.
The message of the rhizome discussion is that a central place does not exist, the centre is what people define a centre. The central place is disrupting your view.
If you want to make your computer the central place in a MOOC, use search engines (Yahoo, Diigo, Connotea, Delicious) and search for the tag of the MOOC (#change11). There you will meet the people of your MOOC. In this way you may discover unknown connections and possibilities to learn.

In schools this idea of a centre, a central place, is negative and harms the connection of students to the real world. School should not be a central place, school should be a part of a network in the world. (Erik Duval)

3 thoughts on “A central place #change11, lost in chaos? Or a rhizome?

  1. The dichotomy of whether one is at the center or on the periphery has historically arisen as a new model of the ‘world’ emerges, as with the question of whether the earth was at the center of the solar system or not. Douglas Adams injected some humor into such a debate with his notion of the Total Perspective Vortex – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSnJl7B_TVs

  2. This is a brilliant comment. Because “everything in the universe is connected to every thing”, but this comment is a direct hit. Thank you

  3. […] about me and about my blogging. My goals for this 6 weeks are a revival of my study on rhizomes in change11 and other MOOCS. How does rhizomatic learning relate to academic writing? How to disconnect rhizome […]

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