Deleuze and abundant information #change11

I did receive a message about a work on Deleuze that made me read more about his view on philosophy. (look at the comment in the message for a better version).
As I only have fuzzy goals for change11, I am happily turning to Deleuze for some time. It gives me the same feeling that I know of the library of university. That was very large hall with only the catalogue of the library. So much books! And I loved wandering about, reading books almost at random. Just learning randomly. Nowadays with internet everybody knows the same abundancy of information. But abundancy is older than internet. Abundancy means possibility to dwell and choose, to learn surprising things.
What is the connection between Deleuze and abundancy? That is the choice I made to read Deleuze and partly skip a week of #Change11.
David R. Weinbaum (Weaver) writes about Deleuze’s philosphy of becoming in a system theory framework. Deleuze wants to get rid of the Platonic ‘identity’ and replace it with ‘difference’. Deleuze wants to introduce change and complexity as basic subjects in philosophy, where Plato omitted to introduce change and complexity in his (and our) philosophy.
I have a feeling that Deleuze’s philosophy is not another weird and weltfremd French philosophy, but that it is worth reading.


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