Openness in education #change11

Do you look at the world through a looking-glass of a smartphone, or a computer screen or a television? Is your world view presented to you by powerpoint? Do producers and web masters edit your experiences?
Or do you live in the open, do you try to look around and watch the things where they happen?
“Openness to the world” is a very endangered species. Students (and other people as well) go to school and watch presentations and computerized lessons, but some of them  do not see what is happening around them.
You should watch the real world changing and growing, but you are connected to a virtual world.

Sometimes openness (in education and elsewhere) is not safe or it hurts privacy. But I am very suspicious to people that use safety or privacy to avoid openness.
Openness is possible, all kind of technical inventions do make it possible. It is hard to find a place to hide.

Openness: presentation of Eric Duval

foto Jonas Ginter



2 thoughts on “Openness in education #change11

  1. Great questions, Jaap. I read somewhere this month (not sure of link) about how threatening openness is to hierarchical organizations like government that have traditionally used safety and privacy as catch-all excuses not to share. And yet, it can be done. Look at US Army on FB, CIA on wiki, etc. We really don’t have a lot of room to hide behind these excuses any more 🙂

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