Preparations for authentic learning #change11

My proposal for authentic learning:

Topic of interest:  In education theories or proposals or books on teaching or manuals for teachers do exist. These theories (for short)  want teachers and students to change the way they teach and learn. How do we recognize which of the theories in education are trustworthy and helpful?

My students are 18+ they will be working in an institution for educational information service.

Context: the answer on these questions is important to teachers and parents, schools and educational institutions.

Tasks: Teachers need help to recognize the right theory. You will help them.  How can we recognize a true educational theory of teaching?  Make your product accessible for the teachers and schools.  (Think of quality of design and content and accessibility)

Expert performances:  here I could add some links to expert and suggestions for other experts the students might want to visit. I prefer students to find the experts. Look for examples of experts who try to select right and wrong theories.

Roles and perspectives:  You could act in groups and for a start discuss  pro and contra where some provide pro and others provide contra voices.  Remember to organize the group and the tasks and goals.  Try to know the perspective of teachers and educational institutions.

Reflection  You could take some theories and try to find the best, and collect the arguments you use in the process.  Why  do some theories appeal to us ? You will reflect on the process of cooperation in your group. It is important to know what  you do to keep the group going.

Articulation: you could start to discuss different theories you know. (start with brainstorm on content,  make a mindmap)

Coaching: groups have to publish their process and thoughts. Other students or groups of students must comment on these publications. (provide a tag for publications) Organize a way to connect groups and students, twitter, Facebook, or the like or a mailing  list)

Authentic assessment: did you provide help for teachers to choose the right teaching theory?  Students  have to  give arguments and questions for an assessment of product and process.

In Dutch “authentiek” has connotations like: made to look old,  just like historic, fake antique, something made for tourists. The word is used in advertising.  The text with the image: A real old fashioned wooden gate, made according to traditionally methods.   😉


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