12 reasons not to engage in a MOOC #change11

He, who is saying that? Not engage in a MOOC? What is wrong with MOOC’s?

1. In a  MOOC you will meet so much interesting subjects and ideas for study. And that will cost so much time and energy.

2. You will end up with a list of new books and websites you really must read.

3. In a MOOC you will meet people will different views, and opinions, and  that will cause uncertainty. Maybe you will have  to review some of your views and opinions.

4. If you engage in a MOOC you will cross borders and enter the unknown, and you never know what that will bring you.

5. In a MOOC you will learn to use all kind of digital media, and that will cost time and energy. And after the MOOC you could even feel obliged to use these skills.

6. Learning to know the problems of other people  could put your own problems in another perspective.

7. Joining a MOOC is contagious, once you start one MOOC you might become addicted.

8. MOOC-ing is a mass experience, if you do not find your way in chaos and abundance, you will get lost in the masses, masses of chances and opportunities.

9. Investing time and energy in a MOOC pays back, but the payment will be unexpected. You will be richer after the MOOC in some way.

10. You will go through a period of severe after-MOOC-shock when it is over.

11. You will discover the world out there is much bigger, you will never be the same because of that that broader overview.

12. You might even discover unknown parts of your Self, and that could be surprising!

13.  You might try to publish your views and ideas, on which other people could ask weird and unexpected questions that will make you think.

14. A MOOC might cause severe uncertainty and strong emotions.  In the first weeks of a MOOC you will feel alienated. And only if you go on trying you will discover the promised land of the MOOC.

15. …


16 thoughts on “12 reasons not to engage in a MOOC #change11

  1. I vote for number 11: “You will discover the world out there is much bigger, you will never be the same because of that that broader overview”.
    I found and learned a lot in #change11 and most of it is applicable in Denmark in a new and very useful ways.

  2. 16. In a MOOC successful learning by others can induce strange learning compulsions (eg mastering bow ties -> making scones)

  3. Hi Jaap

    Don’t forget, if you want to attend live MOOC sessions, you might have to get up really early, even on a Saturday morning! The world out there is big enough to encompass many different time zones, and you may not be in the one shared by most of the others. A MOOC is so big, so unpredictable, and so scary that you might want to bring a friend to keep you company.

    Mark McGuire

  4. Hi Mark, the time zones are very annoying. Somebody should to something about that.
    The friends are very important. I happen to meet one student in this MOOC once a year, and it makes me feel known. And I know some MOOC’ers from CCK11 MOOC. It is nice to know these ‘digital’ friends.

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