Where is the money? #change11

In science one question seldom is heard: “Where is the money?”
The philosopher Spinoza did refuse an official university job in Heidelberg, because he wanted to be independent.
Some say Hegel was a Prussian court philosopher and his philosophy was influenced by Prussian politics.
“Wiens brood men eet diens woord men spreekt”, “Whose bread one eats whose words one speaks”   “Wes’ Brot ich ess, des’ Lied ich sing.”,  “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

Kent Anderson writes about fraud in science.  Stephen Downes is commenting on this discussion.  It could be the question “Where is the money?” is relevant for this discussion. (K.A. adds a nice picture to his blog)

In education the same question could be helpful.
Discussions about education often reflect business interests, and are not always of a total independent nature. Educational consultants and firms want to be heard and want to build an image. It is hard to see what is PR and what is a free and open discussion.
Is it important to teach The Question?


2 thoughts on “Where is the money? #change11

  1. Hi Jaap,

    Do think this insistence on the “purity” of intention and action in academic research kind of stuck to the backside of universities as they moved from clerical to secular administration? That scientists and professors are held to a standard that is unrealistic and really, they are fallen angels like the rest of us–only they dress better.

  2. Hi Scott, maybe they dress better in your neighbourhood. The only recognizable academics here are the ones with the dress when they are in a promotion ritual. 😉

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