Personal learning, a History of Little John and his Cabin #cck11 #change11

Once upon a time a little boy did not want to go to school. He did not like school.

Of course you go to school John, said his mother. And so little John in the  morning left the house, but he did not go to school. John went to the wild lands beyond the school and built a hut of branches and reeds. When school finished little John went home.

The next day he said “Mom I will not go to school today.” His mother said: “Of course you go to school.”
And the boy went to his cabin and built a kite.
He wrote in his diary and made drawings. Until it was time to go home again.

The next day Little John said nothing to his mother.
He went to his cabin and made a  door for his cabin.

He had to draw a bunny that came to his cabin.

That was hard, but he could do it.

Obviously had had no crayons.

When his cabin was finished he went to the library and got a good book.

Little John read the book in the sun in front of the hut.
Robinson Crusoe is an exciting book, and he returned home  that day almost too late.

But one day little John  came back home and his mother looked serious and said, “the teacher of school has called and asked if you really are ill. I want you to go to school tomorrow, because if you do not go to school you will learn nothing “.

I like this little story.  I would like schools to change to places of fun and learning whatever you like to do. Places where creativity and pleasure are not thrown out.


4 thoughts on “Personal learning, a History of Little John and his Cabin #cck11 #change11

  1. I like this story. Been thinking about all the wonderful teachers I’ve had over the years. Some of them were associated with the organized educational system and many were not. I like the idea that someone would be kind enough to teach me things and wonder why:

    Life = what you don’t know is an opportunity to lean and expand
    School = what you don’t know is an opportunity to remind you of how little you know and how little you are

    If we could just free ourselves of the institution’s need to homoganize everyone to a level of sameness we could let people be teachers instead of tellers and student could be learners instead of just compliant objects.


  2. I love this story and can think back to times when I felt like the little boy in my own schooling.

    I really like to walk around my workplace (a TAFE College) and hear lots of students laughing, joking, talking, moving around, going in and out the classroom, and INTERACTING in different spaces, and different ways. If I hear a cacophony of voices, learners flushed with excitement, and a real buzz happening I know that people are LEARNING.

    If I just see a teacher standing out the front the class talking non stop for 5 hours… I know that no real learning is happening and the only outcome is a teacher with a sore throat…!!

    I agree with Scott, let’s free education from the tyranny of COMPLIANCE…

  3. It’s odd but in trades training no one asks you to be anyone else but yourself while in academics you are expected to give up your self in order to qualify for a sneak peek at “the truth that shall set you free.” There are some advantages to looking like an underachiever.


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